Фольклор йеменских евреев

Йеменские евреи выделялись среди восточных евреев особыми религиозными обрядами, произношением древнееврейского, одеждой, занятием ремёслами и многим другим.

Невеста в традиционном йеменско-еврейском свадебном облачении, 1958 г.
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Фольклор йеменских евреев

Текст песни на английском

Down the hill  I went
To the stream
To water my horse—
My foot slipped
And I fell into the water.

I went to propose (engagement)
But they rejected me,
(and) my qat
And the mada’ah
Although I’m the son of a Chief
The son of a Jew.

I went to propose
Carrying my qat and the mada’ah
But the bad guys
Made a fool of me.

Sweet heart and the apple of my eye
Tell those who made you
Think bad of me:
Who of you would entertain me?

From the early dawn
She got angry with me
And went cry—
Got angry—oh darkness

Out of sight is my beloved.
For a year and two months,
Never returned.
Alas people
She left
And deserted me.

To whom shall I complain,
And would understand me?
Before whom shall I cry,
And would pity me?
And who of you
Would entertain me.

qat — легкий растительный наркотик, популярный в Йемене

mada'ah — кальян